Cinque Torri

28334 cinque torri



VINEYARD LOCATION: Vineyards of the Casatico Estate.

THE VINEYARD: Exposed to the west, the vineyard is situated at an altitude between 220 and 240 above SL. Density is 4000 plants per hectare. The soil is clayey and medium pebbly.

HARVESTING: The grapes are hand-picked in small boxes, between the last week of August and the first week of September.

PRODUCTION: 6 MT of grapes per hectare (about 2.4 MT/acre).

GRAPE BLEND: 60% Chardonnay 40% Pinot Nero.

WINEMAKING: The intact grapes of the varietals are separately fed into the press under liquid nitrogen (controlled sublimation); after a 3-hour cold maceration the grapes undergo a soft pressing with a yield of 40%. The alcoholic fermentation lasts around 12 days.

AGEING: After the winter season the wine is prepared for bottle fermentation; once in the bottle it remains there for a minimum of 18 months allowing the secondary fermentation to take place. The riddling is fulfilled by hand then the wine is disgorged and topped up with the liqueur d’éxpedition.

FOOD PAIRING: Partially made from red grapes, this vine can be served at any stage in the meal from the aperitif onwards. Surprising when drunk with Parmesan cheese!


  • Colour: straw yellow.
  • Aroma: fruity with hints of bread crust.
  • lavour: slightly round, mineral with a full body.

PRODUCTION: From a minimum of 5000 bottles to a maximum of 7000 depending on the vintage.