19487 eden


DENOMINATION: I.g.t. Emilia Malvasia passito.

VINEYARD LOCATION: Vineyards of the Casatico Estate.

THE VINEYARD: Exposed to the west, the vineyard is situated at an altitude between 200 and 220 above SL. Density is 4000 plants per hectare. The soil is clayey and medium pebbly.

HARVESTING: The grapes are hand-picked on racks at the end of September.

PRODUCTION: 4 MT of grapes per hectare (about 1.6 MT/acre).

VARIETAL: 100% Malvasia di Candia Aromatica.

DRYING: The grapes are placed on racks that are stored in lofts open on three sides provided with extra ventilation. After about 2 months the grapes are sufficiently dehydrated with about 380 gr/lt sugar concentration.

WINEMAKING: Around mid-December by tipping the racks into the press so the grapes undergo a soft pressing to obtain a yield of about 18/20% of the most (considering the weight of the fresh grapes). The alcoholic fermentation lasts around 12 days.Although the must presents a high concentration of sugar, fermentation is incredibly slow and takes place in barrels.

AGEING: 12 months in French barrels.

FOOD PAIRING: Dry pastries and herbal cheese.


  • Colour: intense golden yellow.
  • Aroma: intense, heady and aromatic.
  • lavour: absorbing, sweet but never cloy.

From a minimum of 3500 bottles to a maximum of 6000 depending on the vintage.